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Meanwhile, in Curitiba... (part 2)

Ever try to sleep when you've got a bad headache, nausea and it's just a little too cold to be comfortable? Sucks, doesn't it? No, I wasn't sick. The headache and nausea were from crying my eyes out. Then I felt too weak to get another blanket, or even to ask for one. Don't you just hate when someone you'd trust with your life lies to you? Yeah, me too. The silver lining is: I'm no longer too numb to cry. The therapy must be working.


Leo sent me 2 e-cards in the last couple of weeks, and neither of them were x-mas or new years cards... :) He misses me! Yay!!!

Can't wait to go back to Recife. These are turning out to be some incredibly boring holidays. And Recife's feeling more and more like home.
Tags: issues, leo, parents, therapy, travel

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