March 31st, 2006

Blue me

And I'm back

All fixed and stuff. Well, not all fixed, now I gotta heal from the surgery. Actually, I've been home since wednesday, but couldn't come down to the basement to use the computer until today.

The surgery went perfectly, I'm well under way to a full recovery. Eating solids again, which is nice. I'm almost able to get up by myself, and I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to going to the bathroom alone again. =P

The stitches still hurt, of course, but I'm mostly just scared of doing something wrong. Mom took me to a return visit to the surgeon today and he kindly let me know I'm a wuss for carrying a pillow pressed to my stomach (in case I have to cough or something, a nurse told me it helps hurt less... but that was 3 days ago).

Thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers, keep 'em coming. =)

P.s.: Since when does the update page have a "current location" entry??