February 15th, 2006

Foamy - Squirrely wrath

Recife is beautiful

And I love touring it in a bus, especially if it has air conditioning, I do... But a couple of errands, that shouldn't have taken more than an hour to finish, took me all day because of the waiting for buses and such. I need a car.

I think I haven't been behind a wheel for over a year. And I love driving. What the hell happened? How did I let my insecurity so completely ruin something that was so fun? Because I know it wasn't my doing, but I did allow it to happen.

Well, whatever it was, I have to get over it nowish. School isn't that far off from starting and I need more transportation options. Or rather, any transportation option, since I don't have any choice other than taking the bus. Not that that's so bad, but it's getting even less convenient than it used to be: the stop that used to be less than 50m from my building got moved somewhere at least 4 times that distance. Not so far that I can complain to anyone, just far enough to make walking there early each morning a chore.

Something needs to be done about this.
Rejected - Trapped

Have you seen this boy?

My boyfriend's missing. Maybe he was kidnapped. By aliens. With huge 12 inch probes...

Or maybe he's sitting at his computer playing games completely oblivious to my existence. Don't get me wrong, I love computer games, and get addicted to them quite easily. Mom worries her heart out because I forget to stop playing to eat. Vampire Bloodlines was one of such games I got hopelessly hooked to, but even then I still remembered my boyfriend. Sure, most of our conversation was resumed to me talking about the game, but at least I was there to talk.

I'll bite my tongue if it turns out he's not playing, and feel horrible if actually something bad happened at his house and he's dealing with it while I'm here complaining. But in all probability he just forgot all about me.