March 21st, 2005

Artsy me - by Micha

Just thinking...

I love the way Anne Rice writes about her vampires. How their skin becomes ever more white and luminescent and how their eyes are always beautiful, gathering all colors and lights in the room, and how she describes the effects of time on those eternal creatures. I guess eternal humans would be much like them. Except we'd be able to walk in sunlight. And we wouldn't drink blood. And we wouldn't be, you know, evil and stuff.

But I do wonder what effect time would have on eternal humans. The bible talks about God's and his Son's white hair, the places they live are described beautifully. I realize those are metaphors, but these things are there to give us an idea of the future.

I can imagine elderly humans, no longer suffering from the physical decadence brought by old age, letting their hairs go from grey to white to a luminous white, as if every single strand was made of silver. And how their eyes would convey the wisdom the years gave them. I can go far enough as to imagine these eyes bringing such peace to those who looked that it would be almost hypnotic. The young ones would look into those eyes and feel an overwhelming sense of calm. "Yes, I see, everything will be alright. I understand now." And the young ones would seek the company of the elderly, and learn from them to become wise themselves.

Nothing like today, where people are ashamed of their age and hide their silvery strands as if it were a disease. Nothing like today, where people avoid the elderly in their decadence because they are a reminder of the decadence we'll all go through ourselves. Who cares about wisdom in this Age? Who sees beauty in it? When it brings pain and death with it...