January 29th, 2005

Artsy me - by Micha

w0000t - I'm crazy

I just got myself a paid account. Damn, I'm dangerous with plastic.

So, all you paid members out there, what's fun to do on this side on the fence? Gotta get my money's worth...
Artsy me - by Micha


Dark Room

Good God, this game is hard! So far I've finished the yellow room and I understand the concepts of the green and blue rooms, which is a whole lot different than saying I can solve them... The white room just looks like lots of pretty spinning circles to me.

Puzzles like these make my brain wanna go boom!

ETA: I've solved the green room!! w0000t!!!

ETA: Blue room solved!! Yaaaay!! Now, for the scary, unintelligible ones...

ETA: Orange room solved. On to red and purple...

ETA: Purple room solved. Now red, which I have no idea how to work out, then white...

ETA: Red room solved, albeit with some help... On to white.

ETA: Weeeeeeee!! I'm #6507 in the hall of fame!
Artsy me - by Micha

Paid Features

Friends of friends (Nifty. Who'da thunk the knitting community updated so often?)
Links (I had 5 links before? No one told me!)
Ping Weblogs.com (Done.)
Email gateway with PGP (Who's in the what now?)
Icons! (I'm so getting the extra ones...)
Customizing S1 Styles and Mood Theme
Journal embedding
http://maidden.livejournal.com/ - Domain name!
LiveJournal Email - maidden@livejournal.com
Domain forwarding (Whatever that is...)
Create syndicated accounts
Email gateway
Post by phone (With my accent? Pointless.)
Directory search
Text messaging (Cool!)

Now to put these to use...