January 24th, 2005

Artsy me - by Micha

Girl At The Rock Show

Law #1 - on attendance
I shall go to whatever show I please. You, hereby known as the Date, may accompany me if you feel so inclined, but may not interfere with my decision of going or not.

Law #2 - on acquisition of tickets or invitations
Tickets will be purchased beforehand, with or without a discount. Delaying purchase to the last minute in an attempt to sway me from attending said concert will be punished severely. Not in a naughty way.

Law #3 - on time of arrival
I will arrive at the location of the show with enough antecedence to recognize and become comfortable with the premises. If, however, I am delayed (and this should only happen in extreme circumstances), the Date is welcome to wait for me to signal I am ready to leave. Rushing me will be punished severely. Not in a naughty way.

Law #4 - upon arrival
Recognizing and becoming comfortable with the premises, which includes finding out exactly where the presentation will be held, as there might be multiple stages. The Date may choose to accompany me in the process or be relieved of his duties and rights as the Date.

Law #5 - on choosing a position before the stage
This should take place but a few minutes before the presentation. We should be close enough and near the center enough to have an acceptable level of visibility, which I will determine at the time, since it depends on other variants (how cool the band is, what kind of crowd is attending, and so on). If I can feel my eardrums vibrating, we'll move. If I feel not only my eardrums, but my skin and the roots of my hair vibrating, yes, we'll move. However, feeling the drum and percussion pounding on my chest is fine.

Law #6 - on behavior during the show
I will let the Date know during, if not before, what is considered appropriate according to his status. Regardless of that, restraining me from dancing/jumping/screaming when I wish to do so is never appropriate. The Date may choose to accompany me when I leave the main arena or be relieved of his duties and rights as the Date. He does not, however, have to come with me into the female restroom. Protecting me from possible injury during more agitated moments of the presentation is appropriate unless I signal otherwise.

Law #7 - on exiting the premises of the concert
On an adequate time, determined by me on multiple variants. Interfering will be punished. Forcing me to leave significantly earlier or later than previously determined will be punished severely. Not in a naughty way.
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