November 26th, 2004

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Inhaling Your Imminent Self Destruction

"They can have my smokes when they pry them out of my cold, dead fingers"... Thats what this guy I know said when he was talking about the dreaded "smoking-ban-in-NYC" issue.

I thought, "No, they’ll pluck that last cigarette from the blowhole cut in your neck. You know, the one they put in six months earlier so you could burp monosyllabic words Popeye-style, not to mention hear and feel every jagged breath you take in between bouts of vomiting blood and bits of lung, crying from the 24-hour pain you’re in and being plastered on Dilaudid so that your life resembles one long, nightmarish daydream as you waste away to a skeleton with bulging red eyes. And then you can leave your loved ones with hard memories and the mountain of debt accrued from your extended hospital stay." If you think that’s overstatement, you’ve never watched anyone die from smoking-related disease.

And then he fights off the "arguments" of some crazy smoker who was kind enough to say non-smokers should be allowed to use public spaces too!! Here.
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