November 19th, 2004

Artsy me - by Micha

Follow the Money

If you're reading this post and you're on a Windows computer, the odds are overwhelming--between 80% and 90%--that you are infected with at least one virus or spyware program, and the odds are very high that you're infected with dozens or hundreds.

Yes, you. Even if you are technically literate, you have a firewall, and you never download suspicious attachments, you are almost certainly infected. There is lots and lots and lots of money in computer viruses and spyware, especially the variety that makes popup ads appear on your machine. The question I've always had, though, is who's making all this money by infecting your computer?


Obviously, the advertisers are only buying ads because they think the ads will work; that means, somebody is clicking on these popup ads and buying the advertisers products.

But who on earth would spend money on an annoying popup ad? What could possibly induce someone to take out his wallet when everyone knows that virus-spawned popup ads are among the most annoying things on Earth?

Ah, that's the pure genious of it--that's the brilliance of the scheme, honed to a fine edge. the popup ads you get when you're infected with VX2? They advertise spyware removal and popup blocking tools.

From tacit here.
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