September 15th, 2004

Artsy me - by Micha

Am I crazy?

Leo came to tell me today that he might be moving to Natal in some months, for work. He said he'd probably live there for a couple of years, then come back. I replied by telling him that after living somewhere for that long, people usually don't go back. He said there were many reasons for him to come back to Recife, that he has "unfinished business". And that he hasn't give up on certain things.

When is the drama gonna end??

I remember a time when I was afraid of not wanting to be with Leo anymore. I knew that the day would come and I was afraid of what would happen. For so long I wondered when would be the day that I wouldn't have romantic feelings for him, thinking I would be feeling superior and empty. I don't.

Funny how we fear things that end up turning out so differently than we expected... Or not quite so differently.
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