July 17th, 2004

Artsy me - by Micha

The Feast - act two

Read act one first, would ya?

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SCENE FIVE - The embrace
After many courses came the special moment for the forty-five people sitting at the reserved area. The GIRL is visibly nervous, giggling erratically and having even more trouble than usual at paying attention, but she is focused. The man at the microphone asks them to stand and make their pledge, making the GIRL feel faint. Then they all go to the dressing rooms, the GIRL talks nervously to her friend, who happens to be a certain BOY's cousin. Both of them change clothes and get in line for the embrace.

The GIRL looks at the people watching, surrounding them. She can see her MOTHER and some RELATIVES, who had come especially for that occasion, standing far ahead of her. She sees some friends standing a little closer, waving to her, encouraging her, they all look incredibly happy. She sees, far, far away, the BOY, and is suddenly flooded by the memories of their plans, now abandoned. They hold the stare, perhaps looking each other in the eye for the first time in... she can't remember how long it has been. He smiles at her, she smiles back, looks away. It's her turn.

GIRL gets into the water. Her head, her skin are buzzing with excitement. The man in the water tells her what to do, supports her as she lets herself fall back, fall away. Yes, the water is cold, but she barely notices it. The GIRL gets out of the water, not containing her joy.

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Well, since you've come this far, read act three.