July 5th, 2004

Artsy me - by Micha

Aaaaaaand... a BIG RED FIRE TRUCK!!

Leo came over last night to use my computer. We had quite an interesting conversation about whether or not it would be worthwhile to start a relationship (like we aren't already in one) if, possibly, our plans for the future didn't fit in well with one another. He wants to be a circuit overseer, have kids. I want more stability. Especially if I decide to have kids (which I'm not sure I want). He seems to think that if there's a chance our relationship isn't going to work, we shouldn't even try. That annoyed me. Like a friend said, he sounds like a little boy who wants to be an astronaut. And a doctor. And a big red fire truck.

Other things concern me about Leo and I. Like the fact he wants to change me so much. It's like he doesn't really like me for who I am. Wants me to become his ideal girl, which I'm probably never going to be. I deeply dislike the way he talks about how I deal with situations and certain habits of mine and how he'll have to "train" me. If the complaints keep coming in the same rate, I don't know how much of it I can take. I know I'm not perfect, neither is he. But I like him well enough to want to be with him regardless of his flaws. I don't want to change him. He can't say the same about me.

Makes me start wondering if it's really worthwhile to try...
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