June 25th, 2004

Artsy me - by Micha

To dye or not to dye...

... that is the question.

I'm not sure you all know, but I once had my hair dyed red. Not a bright red, since I'm a brunette, but red nonetheless. When I decided to stop dying, it took 2 years for my damaged hair to recover. And a lot of cash...

Now I'm tired of the way I look again. Question is: is dying the best alternative? Is it worth the trouble? And, most importantly, what color should I do it this time? =D No, seriously, what color? Some say I should go with bright red, others say purple or dark blue... I honestly cannot decide. Considering that I'll be getting baptized soon, I probably shouldn't go with colors that draw too much attention, right? Is there really a big problem with hair dying (in unnatural colors, that is) ?
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