December 15th, 2003

Artsy me - by Micha


It's Monday, 9:15 PM. I have loads of schoolwork to do, and yet, here I am...

About the end of the invite codes, I just have one thing to say:
Go Brad! Go Brad!...
Now, how about giving us, free users, a few of those special paid user features? ;)

Anyhow, everything's fine, Leo and I spoke and I... hmm... lied. I said I didn't like him anymore, even though I do, just a lot less than before. We also talked about a lot of other stuff, so I think our friendship will be ok.

I'll be going to visit my parents in Curitiba this Saturday (Xmas break), so you'll probably be hearing a lot more from me. Yeah, I know, just when you were getting used to not reading my rants anymore...