October 27th, 2003

Artsy me - by Micha

If I can't let it out by crying, what keeps me from blowing up?

I'm definitely talking to my psychologist about this tomorrow... er, today.

A quick update on the Leo situation (I've decided not to spend so much time talking about him in my journal. I do have other things to complain about, you know): after the meeting I told him I needed to speak with him privately. Date and place still need to be decided. I figured that by then I'll have worked out what I'm going to say

The last couple of days were interesting. I invited (again) my cousin Itala to come swimming. Every time I did before, something went wrong and she didn't come. This time her mom (Cecilia) said she could only come if we went on field service together, which we did, on Saturday. (See my "After field service" post)

So my cousin came over and had lunch here. We played on the computer until 3 PM, then changed and went down. There were, like, 10 pre-teens jumping around in the pool, the boys were doing their diving stunts... There was also food and drinks around (BIG no-no), so I figured it was a party, we'd come back later, right?

We went back an hour afterwards, climbing up the stairs to the pool area I noticed it seemed quiet, maybe they'd left... Guess what? They hadn't! Apparently the boys' stunts worked 'cause that bunch of over-excited teens had turned into scattered couples making out everywhere IN THE POOL! Come on, people, I'm sure it's more fun in there and all, but can't you do that somewhere else?!?!?

So Itala and I decided we'd try again at 6 PM. More computer games, snacks, TV etc. We went down again at 6 only to find... the pool closed for maintenance! The pool-guy had just cleaned it and put chlorine, so we weren't going to be able to use it anytime soon.

Back upstairs and Itala called her mom to ask to stay over so we could try AGAIN the next morning, so we did. Finally. She woke me up waaaay too early for a Sunday morning I wasn't planning on going door-to-door... But there was no-one else at the pool (no-one dumb enough like us to go that early, the water was FREEZING*) and we were finally able to use it.

The rest of the day was spent preparing the Watchtower (loooved the study, as usual) (even though I had a hard time concentrating during the meeting, 'cause you-know-who was the reader) (no, not Voldemort! Leo, #$%¨&). After the meeting I had diner at Cecilia's. Loads of fun, even though she beat me in chess. As usual. That woman spends waaay too much time playing chess...

So now I'm home. I don't want to go to sleep. Last time I did (I took a nap this afternoon, between the pool-going and lunch) he was in my dream. And I was having enough of a hard time forgetting him without him showing up late al night. Uninvited, I might add. Damn, why do I always finish my posts talking about him???

*By "freezing" I just mean really, really cold. It's summer here, so the water was NOT, in fact, anywhere near zero degrees celsius.