September 17th, 2003

Artsy me - by Micha

Party on Saturday! Yay!!!

Trying not to argue with my mom (on MSN, hee hee). She wants me to go to sleep earlier so I'll be in a "healthy, regular routine". But then I'd get sleepy at parties!!! Mustn't get sleepy until AFTER 2 AM!

I'm planning a little get-together at "my" place this Saturday, just some movies and popcorn in the afternoon. And soda. And ice cream. And cake. And playing cards after the movies are over. Maybe until late at night, if everything goes well. Leo's part of the guest list, of course. He doesn't miss this kind of thing. At least I hope he doesn't.

The thing with Leo is: he's really extreme. Either loves something or hates it. No in-between. He never missed any of the get-togethers I had before, but we were a lot closer then. He's become distant. He had, anyway. Since I returned from visiting my parents in Curitiba, Leo's been acting like his usual self again. I don't know, maybe he needed some time apart. Whatever. I still hope he comes to the party this Saturday.

I have to call the driver's ed place to re-schedule my 09/25 class, I have an exam that day and I can't be late... I keep forgetting it during the day and remembering in the most inappropriate times, like right after I get in the shower or right before my mind shuts down when I'm about to sleep.

Visited one of my aunts today, she's pregnant. Going to her place always makes me feel depressed. She's really shallow and there's no way for me to let her know that without hurting her feelings. I wish I could help her have some meaning in her life. I don't know, maybe she has.

This song (Dois Rios) is really cool, even though (or specially because?) it doesn't make much sense. I could just listen to it over and over again. Shame none of my Montrealer friends would understand it, I think they'd like it... Oh well...