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So, about the last post

This is my first (and, preferably, only) friends-only post. The main reason I did this was so my mother wouldn't be able to read it 'cause she'd totally overreact.

My friend Claudia, who's finally become an un-baptized publisher, needed someone to go on field service with and, after trying all the more obvious alternatives, called Leo to go with her, and he did. Btw, she agrees with me that he's really good at preaching.

And they got to talking, as people usually do when they go on field service together. She told him about her crush on Eduardo and he told her about his crush on someone who's not from our congregation... It's not like I didn't suspect it, but knowing for sure is always more painful.

He also told her that, the last time I invited him over to talk, there were moments in our conversation when he really wanted to kiss me, but that he was glad he didn't. So it's not that he doesn't "like" me, or isn't attracted to me, it's just that he "likes" this other girl better. Great!

[edit-20/12/03]: This will no longer be a friends-only post. I always have and always will be against any sort of private posting. If you have a journal on the web, you should let everybody on the web read it. The only reason I didn`t make this an open post before was so my mom wouldn't read it, because she lives far away and I wouldn't be able to control her reaction, but now the situation's changed.
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