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This air-conditioning isn't doing its job properly

I haven't written in, like, forever! But I have a good excuse, mom was barely letting me stay online long enough to read my mail...

And today's my grandma's b-day... It sucks 'cause I'm studying the Require with her and I REALLY didn't want to seem rude, but... I hid in my bedroom during the song... grrrrr why do people have to celebrate their birthdays? IT'S JUST ANOTHER DAY, PEOPLE! If you want to celebrate life, it doesn't have to be in a specific date, or using pagan rituals.

Ok, so let's catch up a bit...

Hmm... I can't remember what I did in the morning ('cause it was a long time ago, not like I was drunk or something!). In the afternoon was the study with grandma :D That went pretty well. She's visiting our congregation next Sunday, the day the superintendent is visiting.

Marcia came over for a while... That was pretty much it. NO, wait, Claudia came over at night and we had pizza and slept-over... The days are all blurred together, I could just barely remember when each thing happened. That's not good...

Meeting at night. Lots of people* didn't go, since the usual meeting day is Sunday...
*"Lots of people"=Leo & others, but I don't care about the others.

Field service in the morning. I almost got sick, as usual. I don't think I was made for this kind of thing... Later I had a great lunch (lasangna, yum) and a bunch of people came over for grandma's b-day. That brings you pretty much up to date.

This following week looks busy. I'll try to post every day, but as long as my mom's here... I garantee nothing!

[edit]: Check out my date and time: 11:11pm, 9/11... Creepy... I swear I didn't rig this!
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