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Long time no see...

So I haven't posted anything since, like, Saturday? I've been kind of busy, and with my mom around I'm not allowed as long on the computer.

Saturday's assembly wasn't all that fun: mom had a migraine all day long from not sleeping enough and I ended up hanging out with her in the infirmary. Sunday's was a lot better, even though I ended up emotionally drained from being around Leo being around other people (he tends to ignore me when we're not by ourselves). The speeches were great, as usual.

Monday was... hmm... eventful. Mom and I picked up my driver's license and I got to drive around for a bit. Let the stupid car stall twice, nervous as I was. It was a totally different model from the one I was used to driving, and having my mom next to me "judging me"* didn't help either. Then we both went to see my psychologist, mom talked alone with her for 1 h, then it was my turn to have my therapy for 1 h. I'm still having "insights" and some of them are quite painful... But I think I'm making progress that way. I've actually been able to talk to my mom about some stuff I never would have before. Finally, at 8 PM we had book study, which went fine, I answered a bunch of times and didn't blush to death in the last couple of them.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. I woke up relatively early (9ish) and at around 10 AM went to the hotel inside the base (remember, my dad's in the Air Force?) for a swim. Man, I hadn't gone to that place in YEARS, and I used to practically live there, it was where I was if not at home or school. It didn't change much, which is great 'cause the place is just beautiful.

But a really "funny" thing happened: there's a "cannion" in the pool (you've probably seen one of those, they've got a slight ramp going down, then a big dive, like 10 ft downwards, swimming underwater toward it is really cool). I was in the deep part of it and went down to try and touch the bottom. Why, you ask? Because I can! :-P Thing is, I couldn't go back up fast enough and started choking, so I thrashed around trying to climb faster and hit my foot on the side of the pool. GOD, that hurt. But just for a moment, then it stopped and I was back swimming around. Later in the day, I noticed my foot was still bothering me, but I figured it would go away. The good news is: I haven't noticed any swelling. The bad is: IT'S BEEN OVER 12 H AND I'M STILL LIMPING. I'm really hoping it's just a bad bruise, like a sore tendon or something, not anything broken. If it's not gone by tomorrow, I'm seeing a doctor.

And, on a completely different subject, I saw an old friend of mine today (Tuesday), Mariana. I hadn't seen her in about 10 years. She looks very different now... I wonder if I could restart a friendship with her, based, perhaps, on a Bible study? *wink, wink*

*I know my mom's not judging me. It was a joke, hence the quotation marks.
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