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I'm starting to think my headaches are from wanting to cry and not letting myself

And I'm getting more and more certain that both Cecilia and Claudia somehow know for sure that Leo doesn't like me at all... Which would be the motive of my current headache. This sucks.

Why does he have to want to be a ministerial servant? If he didn't, this would be settled, one way or another. Or if I was baptized already. I don't want to rush myself into baptism because of a crush, but it'd sure help!

My two "closest" friends want me to give up on him. That can't be a good sign. And it's not like I haven't been trying to forget him... They want me to stop talking about him, but I feel like I hardly tell anyone anything that I'm feeling, and that if I hold anything else in, I might explode! At least my head will, with these headaches.
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