Andrea Coelho (maidden) wrote,
Andrea Coelho

Science as religion

Science as Religion?

There is an argument that science is just another religion, and therefore only as reliable, and as much taken on faith as any other religion.

This can certainly make sense if you do not see the steps leading to the scientific conclusions. For example, what do you know about dark energy?Me, I know next to nothing. So if you do know something feel free to chime in and enlighten us all.

I went to a planetarim show that involved the probability of aliens and something about dark matter. I don’t remember it very well now, but it was presented something like this:

The universe is this specific way that is totally different from this other specific way that we used to think. This dark matter stuff that you can’t see or feel or know about except by relying on scientists to tell you about it is really important. This dark energy stuff that is in the title? Yeah, we’re not even going to try to describe it.

Part of myself thought, “What, I’m supposed to take this invisible stuff on faith? On someone else’s word? No way!”

That was when I realized the meaning of Church of Science. For those who have a religious context, who haven’t had the experience of looking for the details, they get their science news the same way they get their religious studies. Somebody in authority tells you what it means.

Now, I believe that there’s lots of math and lots of observations going into the dark matter theory, but I don’t know what they are. (Of course, the planetarium people could be lying to me. Probably not) However, if one were to skip that step, the actual science step, or gloss over it and only look at the final result, I can certainly see how science would seem like another religion.

Tags: religion, science/skepticism

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