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Artsy me - by Micha

After field service

Sisters (JWs), is it normal to find a guy really hot while he's preaching the Bible?

I didn't ask for it. I was going door-to-door with another girl. But, after a while, we were going in this other neighborhood and the elders didn't think it was safe for the two of us girls to be by ourselves, so he switched my friend and me with Leo and his brother. Guess who I got paired up with?

He's really good. I was hoping he'd stutter or embarrass himself some other way, but he was all cool and confident and polite... Aaaaaaaaaaarg I hate him... No I don't... But I wish I did...
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I think it's ok to think a guy is hot when he is preaching the bible hehe I've been in that situation before.

I am Xenia btw a friend of Caris' and Sarah's. I was looking at Caris' friends lj and thought I'd comment to your journal. I hope you don't mind.

I like reading your entries.

Hi Xenia! I'm glad someone thinks I'm not completely insane... You say you've been in this situation before, what happened? :)

I'm assuming you're a JW too, since Caris and Sarah are... *scurries off to add you to friends list*

Thanks *hug*
Yes I am a JW. Sarah is in my congregation and Caris is a good friend of mine though I don't see her as often as I'd like to.

Take care.