Andrea Coelho (maidden) wrote,
Andrea Coelho

His Dark Materials

WARNING: This post may contain peanuts and spoilers.

Here's some random thoughts on Philip Pullman's trilogy. I had hoped to be able to write insightful essays on each of these, and maybe I will eventually, but it may not be worth the effort.

  • Dust: Particles of consciousness? What's up with that?

  • "Trialism": Does Pullman really buy into the "body, demon, ghost" thing? I was disappointed.

  • Many-Worlds Interpretation: I'm sort of ok with that, actually. Makes for good fiction.

  • Innocence vs. Knowledge: Loved his take on that.

  • Angels real - God the first angel: Seriously? No, seriously!? This was probably my biggest disappointment in the series, finding out that it was not written from an atheist perspective, just non-Christian.

  • The "Republic of Heaven": Interesting thought, but still too close to Christianity for comfort.

  • Acceptance of death: There surely will be a whole post about this sometime. Suffice to say for now that, apart from the dualist aspects of his views, I pretty much agree with him.

  • Doomed romance: What was the point of that? Those two saved the whole goddamned universe with their love, and then they have to spend the rest of their lives apart!? Enjoy torturing your readers much?

I thought about getting Lyra's Oxford, but after some of the revelations of the third book, I don't think I'll want to see more of that. It was still worth reading, though, if only for the food for thought.
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