Andrea Coelho (maidden) wrote,
Andrea Coelho

Aliens drop intergalactic junk near Brazil's capital! Or...

The news article here. A strange metallic ball seems to have fallen out of the sky square in the middle of Brazil, scaring the people in the region, who have no idea what it is or whether it's dangerous. They're mostly afraid that it might be radioactive, although, how that idea popped into their heads, I haven't a clue. There's so many ways an object can be harmful, why would they jump to radioactivity? There's other poisons out there, you know? It could be infected with some super-virus. Why not be afraid of that?

Anyway, the ball showed up in a soy farm in Goias, nobody knows how it got there. It weighs about 10kg and is 1m across. Looks like a big metal ball wrapped in plastic, or duct tape (just look at the goddamned picture!). It supposedly opened a hole in the ground where it landed, but there's no pictures of that. Also, nobody claims to have seen it falling, so there's no reason not to lump it with every other "unexplainable" sign from aliens carefully placed on farms and fields all over the planet. I'm filing that in the same file and folder as crop circles.
Tags: science/skepticism

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