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Artsy me - by Micha

"Blue" would describe my mood better, but they don't have that option and I don't want to leave out

Nothing happened today. Like, at all. Well, there was FanForum, but that wasn't nearly enough to keep my mind off Leo. How do other people do it? Forget someone... get over them... Time just stands still. Each painful second taking forever to pass. Can someone remind me why I missed being in love? having a crush?
Note to self: keep in mind that my feelings for Leo only seem to be this strong. Say "It's just a silly crush" aloud 37 times fast...

I've got to go to sleep. I need to wake up at 5 AM tomorrow to go take the driving test. *shudder* Wish me luck!
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don't worry about the driving test, i'm sure you'll be fine =D

and tips on how to get over someone... umm... okay, in my (very short) experience, it helps to pray and try to keep busy, and just not let yourself think about them... let me know if that helped at all..

I'll try that... I'll try just about everything right now. I wish I could think of something to do that would keep my mind really busy, but I can't figure out what...