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I knew it...

Well, he didn't call. He actually barely spoke to me at the congregation. Sure, I was kind of running around doing other stuff, trying not to get distracted by him out of doing everything I had to do, but he could've tried harder to have a conversation with me...

Anyway, it doesn't matter now. Although it does upset me, because ever since I got "transferred" to a different Tuesday book study group we usually don't see each other between Sunday's and Thursday's meetings, which is a fairly long time considering that until a month or 2 ago we used to see each other almost every day.

Saturday, at the party, he asked me why I had been avoiding him! And my psychologist making me think I'm insane... He's the one who "broke up" with me. Maybe he's just playing me... I don't know...

I feel like my life's a book, or a movie. I know it'll end well and everything. One way or another. I just can't wait to get there!!! I know, I know, it's HOW you get there that counts and everything... But getting there's being very painful! I just want to be there already!

[edit]: By "he" I mean Leo. Those of you who already knew that: have you nothing better to do other than read people's journals?!?
Tags: leo, party, religion, therapy
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