Andrea Coelho (maidden) wrote,
Andrea Coelho

Marketing Pseudoscience

A recent blog entry by Pat Sullivan blames the higher rate of acceptance for intelligent design/creationism (ID) over “Darwinism” on the superior marketing of ID. Sullivan’s arguments are weak and confused on multiple levels, but he does highlight the notion that it is much easier to “sell” nonsense than real science. Sullivan should know, since he sells all sorts of nonsense.


The only shred of truth in Sullivan’s writing is that science must be made accessible to the masses. This is not about marketing, however, but about effective education. This is why we need more effective science education. We need more science popularizers (a shameless plug for science bloggers). And we need more good science in the mass media.

Well, Dr. Novella, the least I can do is point them your way.
Tags: science/skepticism

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