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Artsy me - by Micha

Tired, but happy... all days should end like this

The party was pretty good. Something around 50 people showed up, which isn't bad, even though we ran out of soda before 11 PM and I had to run to the nearest store to get some more...

Leo was there, and we barely spoke for most of the party, probably because I was hanging around Claudia all the time... After she left he came to talk to me. Not for very long though, his mom came after a while and they left, but it was nice to talk just to him again for a while.

I'm sore all over. I'm actually considering not going to field service tomorrow. I'm just sooo tired!

He might call tomorrow. He might call tomorrow. He might call tomorrow... Probably not, but he seemed upset when his mom interrupted us and said they had to go. Maybe I'm just imagining it. He probably won't call, since we'd see each other at the congregation anyway. IF he goes...

I'll worry about it some other time...

Actual time: 1:15 AM