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It's been a long day. I just came home from spending dinner with my parents and some friends of theirs. It never ceases to annoy me how the "adults" can still make me feel entirely unimportant in a conversation. Never mind that I'm 22 years old and might actually have something to add to the topic, they still respond to a comment of mine as if I was a little kid trying to break into the talk to repeat some unfunny joke heard in school -- not at all.

*sigh* I miss hanging out with my own friends. Not like the conversation is any better, my 20-something friends talk about more or less exactly the same dumb stuff that the 40-somethings do, but at least there my input isn't completely ignored. It's a nice feeling, after an entire life of not having long-term friends, therefore being forced to spend large amounts of time with people significantly older than me (and be ignored by them), to finally have people that actually want to hear what I have to say.

But tonight, for the first time since I finished therapy, I felt like I was again invisible. I did not miss the feeling. But at least it helped me appreciate my friends all that much more... And made me so desperate for a bit of attention that I needed to vent. I wonder if there'll always be things that people do that'll make me feel like a child again, not in a good way. This thought kinda sucked the happy out of my day.
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