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Long day

I gotta find a time in my day to post regularly. Not just 'cause I blew a boatload of cash on LJ, but also 'cause it really used to help me, venting here. After I started dating my current boyfriend, he was the person I vented to, so my journal started getting kind of abandoned. And now I hardly even do that anymore because I figured it annoyed him. He never told me not to, I just felt maybe it wasn't quite so much fun for him to hear me complain and talk about my feelings all the time. So I stopped. Now I don't vent anywhere.

Well, I'll make a point to change that now. More venting! 'Cause I'm paying for this web space, so it has to hear me vent and rant and ramble and possibly babble. Mostly the latter, I think, I haven't got much to complain about these days. But, boy, the things I can complain about, I can go on about them for ages...

I don't have time right now for that, however.
Tags: daily activity, journal, stephen

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