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New Year's Resolutions

I am so late on my resolutions. The one book a week thing has gone to space, I don't have any time to read things that aren't school related. I'm hoping I can catch up at least a little bit on my vacations in August.

Right now things are crazy. My parents moved here to Recife and are insisting that I move back in with them, which wouldn't be my first choice living arrangement. School's taking up almost all my waking hours, and somehow I don't think that's gonna get lighter in the next two and a half years.

My boyfriend still lives in another state. We're still going months between visits, which isn't very nice on me at all, but at least now I have a life outside of my relationship with him.

I'm still not getting as much exercise or eating as healthily as I should. I'm still entirely financially dependent on my parents. I'm still not as responsible with money as I should be. I'm still not quite as organized as I wish I was. I'm still not getting as much sleep daily as I think I need. I'm still not studying as efficiently as I can.

Yet I'm happy. I've got bunches of RL friends to hang out with, even a couple of them who I can consider very good friends. I feel like I'm moving forward in life, perhaps not as fast as I wish, but steadily getting where I wanna be. My studies are opening my eyes to a world I could've never imagined, that amazes, confounds and comforts me at the same time. It's not all perfect, but I have a feeling it gets better with time. More difficult, but also more beautiful. I'm counting on that.
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