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Party on Saturday... Didn't I already use this title before?

Nothing major happened. Alex decided to have the party in my building, so now I need to get enough plastic plates/cups/"silver"ware and napkins for everyone.

Tomorrow I'll go to the beach at night, maybe talk to Leo for a while. After all the times I tried to talk to him and failed lately I can just guess what's going to happen: I'll get there, barely greet him and sit with other people while playing dominoes or something and we'll stay in different conversation groups all night long. It's his b-day on Sunday, but JWs don't celebrate birthdays. He's turning 20.

I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment with Keila on Monday. I'm counting on her to help me figure out my life... Maybe I'm just getting my hopes up for nothing, but I think that therapy might do a lot of good in my life.

I need hugs...
Tags: leo, party, therapy

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