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Artsy me - by Micha

My decision not to tell mom about school anymore is backfiring (she upset me by asking whether or not I was going to school, as if I'm suddenly gonna start skipping again just 'cause she's not here). I want to talk to someone about all the cool things happening there and I've got no-one...


*hugs* I'm sorry :(
*hugs back*
I don't understand why you have those "religion" icons. They're a bit offensive and some have vulgarity in them.

I've been barely able to keep up with LJ, so if you've told me something I'm supposed to remember, please remind me.

I'm glad your surgery was successful with no major complications, but I just can't tell, by those icons and by your interests, if you're still my "sister."

I'm going through a bit of a "question faith" phase, but I'll let you know when things settle down...
Is there any question I can try to answer? I don't think it's in my nature or my upbringing to just wait for things to "settle down", if there's something that can be done.
It's more of a personal process, but thanks for the offer. Could I come to you if I can think up a specific question I'd like answered?
Absolutely 100%. :)
Thank you =)