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Silent Bob - Rock on

The evolution of Andi

Long haired

Short haired

Blonde (and not happy about it)

Finally, blue haired =)


I get that on your journal too...
the blue hair is so awesome! lol
I knoooooow! I'm still going "omg weeeeeeee" over it. ^_^
I think they're all good looks on you with the exception of the blonde. My favorite, though, is the first picture.
I agree on the blonde thing, I hated it. But it was a necessary step to get to blue...

Anyway, you're biased by your liking long hair =P I love my hair short now, it's so bouncy. =)
hehe, me? biased on this subject? impossible ;)
Btw, when are we going to see new pictures of your hair? How long is it now?
This was from the end of last month:


and this was a couple of days ago:

Nice! How long are you planning on growing it?
At least to mid/lower back but there's a part of me that is curious to see what my terminal length would be. I don't like straggly 'fairytale' ends but if my hair would stay thick all the way to my waist, I'd love to just try that. Even if I could reach that length, I probably wouldn't keep it there but trim it back to mid/lower back.
Wow, that's a tough target. I hope you make it.