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Artsy me - by Micha

I should be 100%

You Are 48% Selfish

You are quite balanced. You are able to compromise when it's in the best interests of those involved.
But you're no pushover. If something is important to you, you'll get it!


why do you feel you should be 100%? lol
Because I'm really quite selfish, that I am. Sure I think of others sometimes, thinking only about yourself can get boring. And I help people, but that's 'cause it makes me feel better. And sometimes I compromise on things I want, but that's 'cause I realize it'll be better this way, or I'll look and feel like a better person for it. So, in the end, I'm completely selfish. And proud of it! =P
lol, cool :D
I don't understand how it was possible for you to get only 5%. Datz crazy!