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Internet... down... again...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg!!! Why can`t they fix the goddamned thing already!!!

So I had a pretty good weekend, what about you?

Friday went by very slowly since it was just Alex, her brother and me over at the beach house. I helped clean up the place for a bit then took a nap that lasted the whole day, almost.

On Saturday was the actual luau, some people arrived in the morning, but Leo and his cousin Rafael only got there at around 2PM... I was starting to kind of hope he wouldn`t come so I`d be able to just relax from... Uh... All the... Stuff I do... Anyway, I had a good time, even though I lost every game I played. I guess something was in my mind that wouldn`t let me focus... We all went for a walk at the beach at around 4PM, but since both guys kept kicking sand at my direction (why? WHY???) I decided to go for a swim. Wearing clothes. :-P Then I was taunting them about how they were probably too scared to go in the water, so Rafael went in too. I ended up hanging out a lot more with him than Leo because of that.

On Sunday I woke up at 4:30AM. *Something* was troubling my sleep. I wonder who what it could be... The three of us played pool. After lunch we had to do the dishes and Leo kept saying stuff that I thought were about me us what had been happening. Somehow he implied that I was avoiding him (soooo not!). After his cousin left he asked me why I liked isolating myself and why I shielded myself with other people, whatever he meant by that.

Then we all went home and I went to the congregation, even though I could barely keep my eyes opened. Those wimps stayed home! Not that going did any good, I have enough of a hard time focusing without needing some serious sleep.

Today I went to the psychologist again. She said I`m blocking the left side of my brain (emotion). She also said I have been ignoring my ID. I seriously doubt that. If my ID decided to run off `cause I can`t do everything it wants, it`s not my problem. Well, it is, but what can I do? Really, what can I do???
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