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Artsy me - by Micha

This is it... kind of

My trip to Rio is set. Dad decided to buy me plane tickets after all, and he got them for next wednesday. From getting there, I should start the pre-op exams right away... with needles and stuff... *shudder*

I know this is a good thing. No more Big Bad Pains when they're through. I'm still scared out of my wits.


I hate needles :/

that was nice of your dad :D
It was...
I had my gallbladder removed after a severe bout of pain. I'd gladly have it removed again so as not to ever have to feel that kind of pain again.

The only scar I have from the surgery is in my belly button. Such a convenient location for removing painful gallbladders :)

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers lil sis :)
Thank you.