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Recife is beautiful

And I love touring it in a bus, especially if it has air conditioning, I do... But a couple of errands, that shouldn't have taken more than an hour to finish, took me all day because of the waiting for buses and such. I need a car.

I think I haven't been behind a wheel for over a year. And I love driving. What the hell happened? How did I let my insecurity so completely ruin something that was so fun? Because I know it wasn't my doing, but I did allow it to happen.

Well, whatever it was, I have to get over it nowish. School isn't that far off from starting and I need more transportation options. Or rather, any transportation option, since I don't have any choice other than taking the bus. Not that that's so bad, but it's getting even less convenient than it used to be: the stop that used to be less than 50m from my building got moved somewhere at least 4 times that distance. Not so far that I can complain to anyone, just far enough to make walking there early each morning a chore.

Something needs to be done about this.
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