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Artsy me - by Micha

On film photography

First, there's the astonishing collapse of the film camera market. By some tallies, 92 percent of all cameras sold are now digital. Big-name camera companies are either exiting the film business ( Kodak, Nikon) or exiting the camera business altogether (Konica Minolta). Film photography is rapidly becoming a special-interest niche.

@NY Times



I hate that. My camera I have, it's so hard to find film for it anymore. I need to get a digital camera I guess.
It sucks. It was hard enough to find b&w film, now it's gonna get harder to find regular ones too =(
i agree, there is something, maybe a depth? that comes with film, and will be missed. i must however say, i LOVE my digital camera, and i cant wait to get an SLR.
There is definitely a depth to it... Particularly if you develop your films yourself. It does get expensive, though.