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You can almost see the light at the end...

Everything seems to be coming together. I love that feeling.

Everything's almost ready for the matriculation friday, even the documents that were missing (leading some more anxious relatives to freak out and almost meltdown) have been found. All's well that ends well. Too bad I'll have to wait till June for the beginning of classes, I'm really looking forward to them, but even that is ok, as it gives me a chance to work on other projects and, uh... work, literally speaking.

I don't know if I can explain what lead me to decide to change my major. The simplest explanation would be that I don't like architecture as much anymore, but that's just not true. I love it more than ever, now that I know what it entails. It's precisely because of this that I'm giving it up, at least temporarily. Just as I began to truly appreciate architecture, I learned what became of its profession nowadays. The beauty of architecture isn't in the job of the common architect anymore.

Yes, I was dissatisfied with the course. Unmotivated teachers and lack of funding for the school, along with a curriculum that did nothing to develop my potentials. I could've worked around that if I knew it would be different after I graduated, but it wouldn't.

So I decided to pursue a career more compatible with my skills. Architecture is, and probably will always be, one of my greatest passions. Definitely the most beautiful of the arts. But I'll probably remain an admirer instead of becoming a participant in its corruption.
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