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Michelle Branch's "Are You Happy Now" over and over again until I convince myself to get over HIM

"And I'm giving up this game and leaving you with all the blame..."

I know I'll probably go back to wanting to be with Leo in... a few hours, but, for now, I just want to leave this all behind me and forget any of this ever happened.

He wasn't at the congregation today, went to visit a friend's 'cause his friend was giving the speech. And at the end I had a long talk with Cecilia about this whole thing. My mom was kind of mean to her in that conversation a few days ago, and now Cecilia's not all that friendly towards mom...

And the light at the end of the... uh, week is: the three-day-long luau/beach party thing's confirmed! Now I need to get some supplies and set up a few last arrangements and I'm sooo gone. I'll make sure to post all about it when I get back.

"Do you really have everything you want? You can't ever give me something you ain't got... You can't run away from yourself..."

"I've had all that I can take, I'm not about to break 'cause I'm happy now. Are you happy now?"
Tags: leo, parents, party

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